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Do Moose Ever...?

Moose may look  silly, with their long, long legs and oversized noses. But did you know that a moose can run through three feet of snow at 35 miles an hour? That male moose have sometimes died when their antlers lock together while fighting?

The moose is one of nature's most amazing creatures! But don't take my word for it — find out for yourself in Do Moose Ever. . . .?

ISBN 978-1-60893-736-3

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How is a seal different from a sea lion? And what's up with manatees, anyway? Find out in Do Seals Ever . . . ?

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Do Puffins Ever . . . ?

The charming little sea birds look like clowns with their bright beaks and feet, but there's more to a puffin that just cuteness!

ISBN 978-1-60893-911-4

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